Random: Official Pokémon TikTok Account Accidentally Posts Swear-Filled Video

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Pokemon TikTokImage: Nintendo Life

Update [Fri 13th Jan, 2023 10:00 GMT] Well, that didn't past long! It appears the offending video has present been taken down, nevertheless you tin inactive presumption the contented via an alternate root below.

Well folks, you really can't marque this up.

On the authoritative Pokémon TikTok account, which presently boasts astir 3.7 cardinal followers, a video has been posted that is perfectly riddled with curse words — oregon much accurately, the aforesaid mother-lovin' curse connection repeated astatine large speed, many times betwixt the modular lyrics of 'If You're Happy And You Know It, Clap Your Hands'.

Featuring Pikachu doing a small creation astir a stationary Lucario, it has to beryllium seen to beryllium believed. Check retired the video below, but evidently beryllium alert that the audio connected this is perfectly NOT suitable for enactment oregon children, truthful beryllium cautious!

Update: The video has present been removed by The Pokémon Company. However, arsenic expected, it has been preserved by savvy net users and tin beryllium viewed via the beneath Twitter embed from @josh_withey.

So what the heck happened here? Well, it's astir apt harmless to presume that a autochthonal Japanese talker perchance uploaded the video without knowing precisely what the audio was saying. What's worse, however, is it seems the video has intelligibly been made specifically for the archetypal audio clip by Andy Arthur Smith. Surely someone knew what it was saying..?!

Regardless, it's already attracted a lot of comments from users pointing retired the error!

What bash you marque of Pokémon's small blunder here? Let america cognize with a remark down below!

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