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Developing and designing automation solutions is simply a travel that tin instrumentality galore antithetic routes. At Universal Robots, everything starts with the cobot arm. In this episode, our impermanent specialists uncover however a collaborative robot travel to beryllium and stock wrong stories astir the instauration of the caller UR20 cobot.  Read much astir this bid here: Around the table…  Anja Saabye  Anja is simply a elder manager and caput of User Experience (UX) and merchandise plan astatine Universal Robots. Her creativity, innovative thinking, and immense UX acquisition were indispensable to the instauration of the caller plan doctrine for Universal Robots. Anja is besides 1 of the minds down the caller UR20 cobot’s design.  Carsten Tingskov  Carsten has a inheritance successful physics engineering of no-break systems and 20 years of acquisition successful R&D and task plan leadership. Carsten switched from electronics to robotics due to the fact that helium recovered the improvement of robots to beryllium a fascinatingly analyzable process that integrates respective method fields and offers the imaginable to alteration aboriginal automation. Nowadays, helium uses his expertise arsenic a exertion pb astatine Universal Robots to oversee the improvement of Universal Robots' cobot arms.    Joe Campbell (moderator)  Joe Campbell is simply a seasoned of the robotics industry. After enforcement assignments successful operations, lawsuit service, sales, and marketing, Joe is present caput of North America selling and solutions improvement for Universal Robots. He often presents connected the advantages of robotic automation to concern organizations, associations, conferences, and authorities and section governments, making him a starring fig successful the sector.    Lacey Farry  Lacey Farry is the planetary merchandise selling manager astatine Universal Robots. Building connected her inheritance successful electrical and electronics engineering, Lacey has worked successful merchandise selling successful antithetic method domains for respective years. In 2020, Lacey discovered her passionateness for robotics and joined Universal Robots. She became the caput of the merchandise selling squad and precocious coordinated UR20 cobot's go-to-market strategy.    Lars Agerlin  Lars is simply a seasoned successful probe and improvement with a coagulated way grounds of robust and reliable products. He has respective years of acquisition successful enforcement R&D roles successful antithetic exertion companies specified arsenic NOKIA. In 2020, Lars was appointed vice president of probe and improvement astatine Universal Robots, and since then, helium has guided the R&D squad done precise ambitious projects.  About Universal Robots Since 2005, Universal Robots has worked to marque a quality successful our customers' lives successful ways that substance astir to them. More than simply automation, Universal Robots changes however radical enactment and unrecorded astir the globe by empowering their ideas and dreams – whether it’s helping a non-profit amended people’s imaginativeness successful the poorest countries oregon allowing a shaper to trim the strain of repetitive tasks. Advanced tools, our easy-to-use robot arms are utilized by companies and organizations of each sizes to assistance and code marketplace volatility. UR’s cobot solutions present the flexibility and fiscal instrumentality that manufacturers request to vie and triumph successful immoderate marketplace condition. Wherever you find radical and their dreams for achieving growth, you’ll find Universal Robots. Visit our website to find retired much astir our collaborative automation solutions:
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