Reforms a must to realise agriculture sector’s potential

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The government’s effort astatine large-scale reforms of the workplace assemblage had to beryllium abandoned. But, the problems it sought to code remain. It’s clip to revive the effort

January 12, 2023 / 10:02 AM IST

Reforms a indispensable to realise agriculture sector’s potential

The inducement to physique a marketplace strategy that caters adequately to some home request and export tin lone travel done a thorough betterment of Indian agriculture. (Representative image/ShutterStock)

Consider a state that’s among the world’s topmost producers of milk, banana, papaya, mango, ginger, and pulses and the second-largest shaper of fruits, vegetables, tea, farmed fish, cotton, sugarcane, wheat, rice, and sugar. It’s a state with the world’s sixth largest market marketplace wherever retail contributes 70 percent of income but ranks 107 retired of 121 countries successful the Global Hunger Index 2022. That’s India! Now see a 2018 study wherever Niti Aayog had forecast that implicit the next...

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