Report Reveals Disconnect Between Sustainability Teams and IT

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A Pure Storage survey shows that sustainability teams and IT teams aren't moving together, particularly erstwhile purchasing IT instrumentality and infrastructure.

Nearly 9 retired of 10 sustainability programme directors accidental companies cannot scope sustainability goals without importantly reducing vigor usage of exertion infrastructure, a caller study from Pure Storage found.

With the clime situation progressively astatine the forefront of concern decisions, organizations are prioritizing sustainability by reducing the c footprint of their operations. In fact, 78% of sustainability managers accidental their company’s enactment is treating sustainability arsenic a priority. Fifty-six percent of sustainability managers accidental they program to conscionable their sustainability goals successful the adjacent 3 years. But conscionable however palmy person they been, and what mightiness impact their progress?

Pure StorageChart says 86% of sustainability programme managers consciousness that companies cannot scope their sustainability goals without importantly reducing the vigor usage of exertion infrastructure

The report, “Drivers of Change: Pure Storage IT Sustainability Impact Survey 2022,” examines however IT professionals are (and are not) collaborating with endeavor sustainability directors to navigate reductions successful the biology footprint of their organizations. 

Digital translation has propelled IT, but with infrastructure similar information centers requiring monolithic amounts of vigor to function, it has besides expanded companies’ c footprints. Because of this, IT has a immense accidental to go the epicenter of companies’ sustainability initiatives.

While large successful theory, the manufacture inactive has a ways to go. The report’s findings showcased a important misalignment betwixt IT and sustainability teams, particularly erstwhile purchasing IT instrumentality and infrastructure. For instance, 59% of respondents accidental vendors’ sustainability is apt to beryllium overlooked successful the vendor enactment process. In addition, 2 retired of 3 sustainability managers lone go progressive successful the exertion acquisition process aft the process has already begun.

Pure Storagechart says 51% of those surveyed accidental they are connected way with their sustainability goals

The request for IT teams to enactment their companies’ sustainability initiatives is dire. More than immoderate different concern relation (like finance, leadership, oregon operation), IT was identified arsenic not taking the indispensable steps to enactment sustainability goals. To guarantee that each facet of an enactment operates efficiently, sustainability initiatives indispensable beryllium astatine the forefront of IT-centric decisions, similar infrastructure buying, supply concatenation decisions, operations, and more. Luckily, aboriginal and accordant connection tin easy span the spread betwixt IT teams and sustainability managers. All respondents hold that determination are benefits to garnering input from sustainability managers earlier successful the IT readying process. With cautious readying and organization, IT teams tin enactment intimately with sustainability managers to mitigate the biology interaction of information infrastructure and make much biology efficiencies crossed the business.

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