Revisit 3 Major Storage Technology Trends of 2022

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The retention and backup scenery has gone done large changes this year, immoderate owed to economics, immoderate to cyberthreats, and immoderate to modernization.

Three trends stood out. First, the menace of ransomware continued signifier the offerings of backup and retention vendors. Second, galore organizations reevaluated however they distributed workloads betwixt unreality and on-premises storage. Finally, instrumentality adoption heated up.

Vendors Became More Serious About Ransomware

Now that 2022 is drafting to a close, it’s official: Backup and retention proceed to beryllium charismatic ransomware bait for hackers. A wide motion that ransomware remains a dilemma is however vendors actively added caller features to their products to thwart hackers. Vendors besides began offering guarantees of ransomware betterment to customers.

Backup and betterment vendor Rubrik led the complaint of ransomware betterment warranties, promising to reimburse companies up to $5 cardinal for its Enterprise Edition and Cloud Vault products arsenic agelong arsenic customers travel the rules. Other vendors person since followed, including Druva and AvePoint.

The information that backup companies present supply ransomware betterment warranties is simply a motion that ransomware extortion is present array stakes for companies, said Brent Ellis, a elder expert astatine Forrester Research.

And it’s not conscionable backup vendors. While retention vendors person stopped abbreviated of offering guarantees (at slightest for now), they person begun adding ransomware detection into their retention systems. In addition, they person built successful workflows that usage retention snapshots to retrieve from ransomware earlier it gets to the backup phase. Dell, for example, announced successful May that it volition physique successful workflows that usage snapshots. Other vendors, including Pure Storage, IBM, and TrueNAS SCALE, person besides addressed ransomware successful large ways.

In each these cases, these additions tin drastically trim the effect clip for wide encryption events. “That’s a large deal, due to the fact that it means determination is little clip for a peculiar portion of malware to propagate crossed the network, and it limits the blast radius,” Ellis said.

On-premises vs. successful the Cloud

The duplicate trends of accrued unreality adoption and economic belt-tightening led to different 2022 retention shift: a re-evaluation of what really belongs successful the unreality and what doesn’t.

It’s truly astir the costs versus benefits, said Dan Kogan, a vice president astatine Pure Storage.

“It turns retired that renting implicit a agelong clip is much costly than buying, and companies are realizing that they are astir apt going to support much things on-premises than they initially thought,” Kogan said.

For workloads already successful the cloud, Kogan expects companies to look much astatine outgo simplification than relocating those workloads backmost to on-premises storage.

Container Adoption

Adopting containers isn’t caller successful 2022, but it has decidedly grown significantly.

Organizations contiguous usage containers for galore purposes, from DevOps to running microservices, bundle processes, oregon ample applications. The issue, Kogan explained, is that backing up containers is antithetic from backing up virtual machines. He expects that retention and backup products built for containers volition outperform others. That’s wherefore companies similar Pure Storage and Veeam person invested heavy successful tiny startups that supply backup and retention specifically for containers, helium said.

In fact, galore retention vendors person added enactment for containers truthful organizations tin tally instrumentality workloads straight connected the retention system. In addition, some retention and backup vendors person been adding granular enactment for Kubernetes workloads that alteration companies to backmost up and reconstruct idiosyncratic applications wrong a Kubernetes cluster.

“Before, determination were a fewer backup vendors that backed up Kubernetes natively and did it to well, but this year, beauteous overmuch everyone other added immoderate benignant of autochthonal instrumentality backup capableness with respect to storage,” Ellis said. “This is the twelvemonth wherever instrumentality enactment became a array stakes diagnostic for retention and backup, whereas past year, it was a differentiating feature.”

Ellis said helium expects further improvement successful this country during 2023, particularly for immoderate types of retention that aren’t often utilized with containers, similar block storage.

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