Robert Reich Believes Evidence Of Corporate Concentration Is Everywhere: Elon Musk Says, 'Agreed, Reduced Competition Is Not Good…'

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Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich has expressed concerns implicit the expanding powerfulness of prime organizations and said that firm attraction is everywhere.

What Happened: Reich cited examples of firm mergers successful antithetic sectors and highlighted the information that fewer giants power a batch of industries.

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“Wall Street has consolidated into 5 elephantine banks. Airlines person merged from 12 carriers successful 1980 to 4 today. A fistful of cause companies power the pharmaceutical industry. Four giants power implicit 80% of nutrient processing. The grounds of firm attraction is everywhere,” Reich tweeted.

Interestingly, Elon Musk replied to his tweet saying helium agrees with the notion. “Agreed, reduced contention is not bully for the people,” Musk tweeted.

Reich has been highlighting the economical disparity done his tweets and articles. On Thursday, helium stated that the biggest economical communicative of these times isn’t astir proviso and demand; rather, it’s astir institutions and politics. “It’s astir power,” helium said.

In a video, Reich highlighted the information that the median yearly net of full-time wage and salaried workers successful 1979, successful today’s dollars, was $43,680. “The median net successful 2018 was $45,708. If betwixt 1979 and 2018, the American system astir tripled successful size, truthful wherever did the gains go? Most went to the top,” helium stated.

The biggest governmental alteration implicit the past 4 decades is the overwhelming dominance of large wealth successful authorities — influencing what those rules are to be,” Reich had said successful his video.

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