Russian wheat arrives at Gwadar

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GWADAR: A Russian vessel carrying 50,000 tonnes of wheat reached Gwadar Port connected Thursday.

The authorities has started importing wheat from Russia aft Pakistan witnessed a wheat shortage and the resultant flour situation successful the country.

Gwadar Port Authority Chairman Pasand Khan Buledi said it was the 2nd Russian vessel carrying wheat anchored astatine the port.

“Russia would proviso 4,50,000 tonnes of wheat to Pakistan done 9 cargo ships,” Mr Buledi told Dawn, adding that each arrangements had been made for unloading and retention of wheat astatine the port. He said the unloading of wheat would commencement successful the adjacent mates of days.

The process of wheat proviso from Russia would implicit by March 31. A ample fig of radical would get occupation erstwhile unloading of wheat begins.

Published successful Dawn, March 3rd, 2023

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