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Right disconnected the bat, SoFi (NASDAQ:SOFI) banal gained popularity pursuing its much-hyped merger with 1 of Chamath Palihapitiya's SPACs.

It's 1 of the astir volatile stocks retired there, and being the avid fintech follower that I am, I got funny with each the buzz with SoFi.

I've followed SoFi for a mates of years present but was reluctant to people an nonfiction arsenic I find SoFi 1 of the much hard stocks to analyze.

Well, the time has travel erstwhile I yet muster the courageousness to stock my thoughts and findings connected the company.

Any feedback oregon criticisms? Fire away.

That being said, I anticipation you bask this heavy dive.

Here's the main takeaway to lukewarm you up:

  • SoFi is disrupting the banking manufacture done its all-in-one fiscal platform.
  • The institution is successful hypergrowth mode and is acceptable to proceed to grow arsenic the pupil indebtedness moratorium expires.
  • Profitability is besides improving and absorption is targeting a semipermanent ROE of 30%+, which is good supra those of large bequest banks.
  • Most notably, SoFi is taking marketplace stock from the apical banks, a wide denotation that the roadworthy to becoming a apical 10 fiscal instauration is good underway.


Social Finance, oregon SoFi, was founded successful 2011 by 4 Stanford Graduate School of Business students, namely Mike Cagney, James Finnigan, Dan Macklin, and Ian Brady. In essence, they wanted to physique a level that provided much affordability successful presumption of pupil indebtedness financing.

Funded by 40 Stanford Alumni, the 4 students went connected to motorboat their aviator indebtedness programme to astir 100 Stanford students, for a full of $2M.

This experimentation proved to beryllium palmy and SoFi went connected to rise much superior from banks and extracurricular investors, which allowed the startup to grow to different schools crossed the country.

Over the years, the institution besides introduced different products specified arsenic pupil indebtedness refinancing successful 2012 (the archetypal institution to ever bash so), mortgages successful 2014, and idiosyncratic loans successful 2015.

Everything was going large for the institution until September 2017 erstwhile erstwhile CEO Mike Cagney stepped down from the large occupation owed to allegations of intersexual harassment, which beauteous overmuch damaged SoFi's marque reputation.

Fortunately though, conscionable 4 months later, SoFi hired the antheral that made SoFi today.

Anthony Noto joined SoFi arsenic the caller CEO and helium is astir apt the cleanable campaigner to pb the fintech company. Previously, helium was the

  • Former COO and CFO of Twitter
  • Former Managing Director and Partner astatine Goldman Sachs
  • Former CFO of the NFL

Put simply, Noto has precise beardown enactment skills and helium has fantabulous concern and fiscal acumen to pb SoFi retired of the dark.

And truthful helium did...

Since Noto became CEO, SoFi launched its Financial Services and Technology Platform to complement its halfway Lending business, arsenic good arsenic went nationalist done a SPAC merger successful 2021.

In a nutshell, SoFi helps members get their wealth close by gathering a level that serves arsenic a one-stop store for each things finance, allowing members to borrow, save, spend, invest, and support their money.

At a precocious level, SoFi operates 3 concern units.

SoFi Products

SoFi FY2023 Q2 10-Q

The archetypal is its flagship Lending business, which offers personal, student, and location loans done an in-app, integer borrowing experience, which besides supports the full transaction rhythm including recognition application, underwriting, approval, funding, and servicing.

For example, students tin use for a pupil indebtedness with varying indebtedness sizes and repayment options astatine competitory rates, with nary exertion oregon origination fees.

Next, SoFi's Technology Platform offers enterprises exertion products and solutions specified arsenic integer banking, paper issuing, outgo processing, and more.

This is made imaginable done Galileo, which SoFi acquired backmost successful May 2020 for $1.2B. Basically, Galileo is simply a banking-as-a-service that provides the exertion level for fiscal and non-financial institutions to powerfulness their fintech ambitions. Some of Galileo's clients see Dave (DAVE), Chime, Robinhood (HOOD), Toast (TOST), and of course, SoFi.

Galileo's worth proposition is besides amplified by its recent acquisition of Technisys, which is simply a cloud-native integer and halfway banking platform.


Galileo Website

Finally, SoFi offers Financial Services done its mobile app and website.

This includes SoFi Checking and Savings which provides up to 4.5% APY, which is implicit 10x the nationalist average, arsenic good arsenic up to $2M of FDIC insurance. This makes it 1 of the astir charismatic high-yield savings accounts successful the US.

Then there's besides SoFi Invest which is simply a mobile-first concern platform, SoFi Credit Card which allows members to gain rewards, and SoFi Protect which offers security products from third-party providers specified arsenic Lemonade (LMND). I won't spell done each of them but these are conscionable immoderate of the fiscal services that SoFi offers.

Sofi App

Apple App Store

Ultimately, done its 3 concern units, SoFi aims to beryllium the one-and-done level for radical to negociate their finances, helping them to scope fiscal independency to recognize their goals and ambitions.


I spot 3 competitory moats for SoFi: technology, outgo advantages, and switching costs.


SoFi offers 1 of the astir vertically integrated offerings successful the fintech abstraction today.

Members tin negociate each their finances successful a azygous app, including their loans, deposits, and investments.

SoFi besides has Galileo which offers the back-end fiscal and banking infrastructure for different institutions, which immoderate assertion to beryllium the AWS of Fintech.

SoFi besides has a bank charter which enables SoFi to enactment arsenic a slope for some its members and partnering businesses.

As acold arsenic I know, the lone competing level that comes adjacent to SoFi is astir apt Block (SQ). However, Block doesn't person the banking-as-a-service constituent that Galileo offers.

So technology-wise, SoFi has a much implicit stack among competitors which offers a stronger worth proposition for everyone, and having a vertically integrated exertion stack means that SoFi is capable to cod much information astatine each signifier of the merchandise oregon service, which allows the institution to make a amended wide lawsuit experience.

Cost Advantages

Because of that information vantage and done offering amended products, SoFi is capable to summation outgo vantage moats - SoFi calls this the Financial Services Productivity Loop (FSPL).

Sofi Financial Services Productivity Loop

Sofi's Acquisition of Technisys Presentation

Basically, by offering best-of-breed products, much members volition yet articulation the platform, and dilatory but surely, they volition commencement to usage much products wrong the platform, which thrust superior portion economics. As CEO Anthony Noto mentioned successful the company's Q1 net call, cross-buying allows SoFi to bring successful that 2nd merchandise with nary lawsuit acquisition cost, which has a immense interaction connected portion economics.

In addition, the banking charter, which it achieved successful February past year, allows SoFi to little its outgo of asset-backed financing by utilizing lawsuit deposits astatine SoFi Bank to money its loans.

Furthermore, being a neobank with nary carnal branches, SoFi besides has importantly little overhead costs than accepted banks.

Put together, the FSPL, banking charter, and neobank concern exemplary assistance SoFi superior portion economics.

With amended portion economics, SoFi passes connected the savings to customers, which further amplifies its worth proposition. For example, SoFi tin connection little involvement rates connected loans and connection higher involvement rates connected deposit accounts, which is wherefore customers are flocking to SoFi.

Switching Costs

Finally, SoFi has precocious switching outgo moats.

Again, SoFi is the one-stop store for each things finance, which makes it incredibly casual for consumers to negociate and way their finances. It volition beryllium hard for members to power to different supplier if let's accidental they are utilizing SoFi Loans, SoFi Checking, and SoFi Invest, arsenic leaving the level would mean uncovering a supplier that could bash everything that SoFi offers, which I deliberation is non-existent today.

Plus, that 4.5% APY is hard to beat.

I deliberation it's conscionable amended to person 1 level to negociate each your finances, alternatively than having aggregate accounts from antithetic providers.

That said, arsenic members usage much SoFi products, the harder it is for them to permission the platform.

In addition, Galileo's banking-as-a-service offering provides the captious infrastructure for endeavor customers, which is indispensable to their operations and yet their success. At the aforesaid time, done SoFi bank, SoFi tin besides enactment arsenic the sponsoring slope connected behalf of these enterprises which makes it adjacent much convenient for them to bash concern with Sofi.


Let's present instrumentality a look astatine its financials.

Q2 GAAP Revenue was $498M, which was up 37% YoY, portion Adjusted Revenue was $489M, besides up by 37% YoY. The quality betwixt the 2 metrics is that Adjusted Revenue excludes the just worth changes successful SoFi's lending conception arsenic they are non-cash charges.

SoFi Revenue

Author's Analysis

As you tin see, SoFi experienced utmost maturation successful the aboriginal days of the pandemic with respective quarters of triple-digit growth. However, maturation has decelerated meaningfully implicit the past fewer quarters - considering that SoFi is increasing implicit a overmuch larger base, a 30%+ maturation is inactive precise impressive.

Nonetheless, beardown maturation was chiefly owed to spot successful each 3 of SoFi's concern segments.

The Lending conception is SoFi's breadstuff and butter, generating 67% of Revenue successful Q2. As of Q2, Lending Revenue was $331M, which was up 29% YoY.

SoFi Lending Revenue

Author's Analysis

As you tin see, the Lending conception has been posting 30%+ maturation implicit the past fewer quarters contempt the pupil indebtedness concern experiencing a large slowdown owed to the CARES Act pausing each national pupil indebtedness payments since March 2020.

Nevertheless, maturation successful the Lending concern was owed to higher indebtedness balances and nett involvement margins, arsenic good arsenic beardown request for Personal Loans, offset by little Student Loan and Home Loan originations.

The prima of the amusement successful the past 2 years has been Personal Loans, which has been increasing truthful rapidly that it is fundamentally carrying the full Lending conception with a grounds $3.7B of Personal Loan originations successful Q2, up a whopping 51% YoY.

On the different hand, the different 2 categories are not doing peculiarly well.

As you tin spot below, Home Loan originations took disconnected successful 2020 and aboriginal 2021 arsenic ultra-low involvement rates accrued request for location owe applications and owe refinancing. However, ever since the Fed started hiking involvement rates, request for Home Loans decreased importantly arsenic location affordability became excessively unbearable for many.

In Q2, Home Loan measurement was down 27% YoY to $243M. While it is inactive acold beneath 2020/2021 levels, announcement that Home Loans astir tripled sequentially from Q1 to Q2. This is owed to accrued capableness and capabilities arsenic SoFi afloat integrates Wyndham Capital Mortgage, which it acquired backmost successful April this year.

As such, Q1 should beryllium the trough for Home Loans and we should spot Home Loan volumes amended successful consequent quarters.

SoFi Loan Originations

Author's Analysis

As for Student Loans, volumes fell from $2.1B successful Q1 of 2020 to conscionable $395M successful Q2 this year, owed to the pupil indebtedness moratorium being extended aggregate times.

However, the moratorium came to an end recently, with pupil indebtedness payments expected to resume this coming October. As such, Student Loan originations should prime up erstwhile again arsenic borrowers would privation to refinance astatine a little complaint oregon widen the indebtedness term. CEO Anthony Noto confirmed this successful a caller conference:

I deliberation we volition spot the request for pupil indebtedness refinancing proceed to benignant of determination backmost to wherever it was successful 2019. It whitethorn instrumentality respective quarters for that to happen. We said, we would spot a tiny summation successful Q3 and a bigger summation successful Q4. We are not looking for returning Q4 to 2019 levels. It's astir apt fractional of that oregon little than fractional of that.

(CEO Anthony Noto - Goldman Sachs Communacopia + Technology Conference)

In different words, with Student Loan volumes peaking astatine $2.4B successful Q4 of 2019, SoFi should bash much oregon little $1B successful Student Loan volumes per 4th successful the 2nd fractional of 2023 - not arsenic precocious arsenic pre-Covid levels, but inactive a bully reacceleration from caller quarters.

That said, Lending Revenue could accelerate successful the adjacent fewer quarters as:

  • Personal Loans proceed to summation traction
  • SoFi increases capableness for Home Loans
  • The pupil indebtedness moratorium expires

Moving connected to the adjacent concern unit, Q2 Revenue from SoFi's Technology Platform was $88M, up lone 4% YoY.

SoFi Technology Platform

Author's Analysis

Growth was owed to the additions of caller clients and maturation astatine existing clients, but arsenic you tin see, there's a crisp deceleration successful the past fewer quarters, and this is successful ample portion owed to slowing Account growth, arsenic you tin spot below.

As you whitethorn person noticed, Q1 Accounts really dropped QoQ owed to a spouse moving retired of the platform. However, Q2 Accounts recovered arsenic Galileo and Technisys signed 5 and 4 caller clients, respectively. As of Q2, full Accounts were 129M, which is up 11% YoY.

SoFi Technology Platform Accounts

Author's Analysis

While maturation successful the conception whitethorn look discouraging astatine the moment, absorption mentioned that Technology Platform Revenue should reaccelerate, which is large to hear.

Importantly, we expect a year-over-year maturation complaint successful Technology Platform gross to accelerate by Q4, with accrued publication from caller partners to the level on with greater merchandise adoption among existing partners.

(CEO Anthony Noto - SoFi FY2023 Q2 Earnings Call)

Moreover, SoFi maintains a robust woody pipeline, which should enactment beardown maturation wrong the conception moving forward.

Additionally, we person a robust pipeline of ongoing discussions with imaginable partners with ample existing lawsuit bases crossed some the U.S. and Latin America spanning some the fiscal services and non-financial services segments.

(SoFi FY2023 Q2 Earnings Release)

Turning to Financial Services, Q2 Revenue for the conception was $98M, up a staggering 223% YoY.

SoFi Financial Services

Author's Analysis

The hypergrowth that you spot present is owed to 3 reasons.

The archetypal crushed is beardown subordinate maturation crossed SoFi Money, Invest, Credit Card, and Protect. As you tin see, Q2 Members grew 44% YoY to 6.2M, adding a grounds 584K Members QoQ - the lone different clip SoFi added much than 500K Members was backmost successful Q4 of 2021. In different words, this is an implicit location tally of a 4th successful presumption of caller Member adds.

SoFi Members

Author's Analysis

The 2nd crushed is cross-buy. In Q2:

  • Total Products grew 43% YoY to 9.4M, adding 847K Products QoQ.
  • Financial Services Products grew 47% YoY to 7.9M, adding 759K Products QoQ.

As you whitethorn person noticed, caller Product additions QoQ is importantly higher compared to caller Member additions QoQ, which means that Members, successful general, are utilizing much products connected SoFi's platform.

In addition, the Ratio of Financial Services to Lending Products continues to turn with each passing quarter, which shows precocious engagement wrong the level and much Members utilizing aggregate SoFi products.

SoFi Products

Author's Analysis

The 3rd crushed is improved monetization, with Revenue per Financial Services Product doubling YoY to $50.

All successful all, SoFi is showing truly beardown maturation crossed each its concern segments, particularly successful its Financial Services segment. And SoFi is not adjacent firing connected each cylinders owed to struggles successful the Student Loan and Home Loan categories.

While maturation is slowing down, maturation volition apt proceed to stay robust successful the adjacent fewer quarters owed to reasons specified arsenic the extremity of the moratorium, the accrued capableness pursuing the Wyndham integration, arsenic good arsenic a beardown pipeline wrong the Technology Platform segment.

That said, the information that SoFi tin turn astatine specified a precocious gait contempt the antithetic challenges that it is facing currently, says a batch astir the execution and prime of the absorption team.

More importantly, SoFi is taking marketplace share, arsenic mentioned by CEO Anthony Noto astatine a caller conference. Not conscionable immoderate marketplace share, but marketplace stock from the apical 5 banks.

The stock we are taking is from the apical 5 banks successful the country. We are -- they astir apt don't adjacent cognize that we are taking stock due to the fact that they are truthful large and we are truthful small. But we spot wherever the ACH is coming from.

(CEO Anthony Noto - Goldman Sachs Communacopia + Technology Conference)

This is simply a captious remark from the CEO, which successful essence, is simply a confirmation of SoFi's superior worth proposition arsenic good arsenic the shifting user penchant from accepted banking to integer banking.

The quality of it is that the large banks don't adjacent recognize that SoFi is stealing marketplace stock from them - erstwhile they bash yet recognize it, it volition already beryllium excessively late.


Turning to profitability, wide Contribution Profit, which is Net Revenue minus Direct Expenses, was $196M successful Q2, representing a 40% Margin to Adjusted Revenue.

As you tin see, Contribution Margin has been improving implicit the past fewer quarters, showing economies of standard wrong the SoFi platform.

SoFi Contribution Profit

Author's Analysis

Here, we tin spot Contribution Margins by segment.

SoFi Contribution Margin

Author's Analysis

For the Lending segment, Contribution Margin was 57% successful Q2. Despite being level YoY and little QoQ, the Lending conception could 1 time athletics a Contribution Margin arsenic precocious arsenic 70%, arsenic mentioned by the CEO:

Some radical whitethorn not recognize this, our loans person a 70% Contribution Profit Margin, and that dependable authorities I wouldn't expect it to spell higher. If it did, I would reinvest to support it astatine that level.

(CEO Anthony Noto - Goldman Sachs Communacopia + Technology Conference)

It's not determination yet, but perhaps, immoderate of its loans are generating that precocious of a Contribution Margin, which is astir apt wherefore CEO Anthony Noto mentioned that 70% figure.

Next, Technology Platform Contribution Margin was 20% successful Q2, which was a diminution from past year's 26% Margin, owed to the acquisition of Technisys, which has a little borderline profile. That said, it is simply a flimsy betterment from the anterior 4th - hopefully, that inclination volition proceed arsenic Galieo and Technisys onshore and grow much clients.

And finally, the Financial Services conception is inactive operating astatine a loss, with a Contribution Margin of (4)%. However, it is simply a large betterment from the prior-year quarter's and past quarter's (177)% and (30)% Contribution Margin, respectively. This betterment was owed to amended monetization, little lawsuit acquisition costs, and economies of scale. Judging by its trajectory, it wouldn't beryllium astonishing to spot the Financial Services conception execute affirmative Contribution Profit successful Q3.

Also of important note, SoFi is gaining operating leverage arsenic each disbursal lines arsenic a percent of Revenue proceed to fall:

  • Technology and Product Development Expenses: down 200 bps
  • Sales and Marketing: down 300 bps
  • Cost of Operations: down 300 bps
  • General and Administration: down 900 bps

The lone downside is that Stock-Based Compensation ticked up somewhat successful Q2, with SBC arsenic a percent of Revenue expanding 200 bps sequentially to 16%. Furthermore, absorption expects SBC to summation somewhat successful the backmost fractional of the year, which is not large from a profitability standpoint.

As we determination toward expected GAAP nett income profitability successful the 4th quarter, we expect stock-based compensation and depreciation and amortization expenses to beryllium somewhat higher than reported Q2 levels successful some the 3rd 4th and 4th fourth of the year.

(CFO Chris Lapointe - SoFi FY2023 Q2 Earnings Call)


Author's Analysis

In Q2, SoFi recorded a GAAP Net Loss of $48M. As a effect of the uptick successful SBC, Net Margins dipped somewhat QoQ, from (7)% to (10)%. Even so, it is simply a worldly betterment from past year's Q2 Net Margin of (26)%.

SoFi Net Profit

Author's Analysis

Whatever it is, profitability metrics are each trending successful the close direction, which shows economies of standard arsenic good arsenic the Financial Services Productivity Loop gaining momentum.

SoFi's wide bottommost enactment should amended importantly implicit the adjacent fewer quarters arsenic the institution continues to summation operating leverage arsenic good arsenic payment from the betterment of the high-margin Student Loans concern pursuing the extremity of the moratorium.

With that said, SoFi is connected way to beryllium GAAP Net Income profitable by the extremity of the twelvemonth - a long-awaited milestone for the company.

Financial Health

Turning to the equilibrium sheet, SoFi has Cash successful manus of astir $3.0B with $6.6B of Total Debt, which puts its Net Debt presumption astatine astir $3.6B.

SoFi Net Cash

Author's Analysis

As of Q2, SoFi besides has a Tier 1 Capital Ratio of 16.4%. This shows however leveraged SoFi is successful narration to its full assets - a higher ratio means that SoFi is successful a amended presumption to woody with unexpected losses.

For context, JPMorgan (JPM) has a Tier 1 Capital Ratio of 13.8% and Bank of America (BAC) has a ratio of 11.6%, which means SoFi is much liquid and little leveraged than these institutions.

Below, you tin spot however SoFi's Loans, Deposits, and Debt equilibrium person trended implicit time.

As you whitethorn oregon whitethorn not know, SoFi received its slope charter backmost successful Q1 of 2022, which is erstwhile SoFi began accepting lawsuit deposits. Consequently, SoFi tin usage those deposits to money its loans astatine a little outgo of capital, which is wherefore the maturation of Total Debt has slowed down successful pace, which is large to see.

As of Q2, SoFi has $18.6B of Loans connected its equilibrium expanse with $12.7B of Deposits. CEO Anthony Noto besides mentioned adding $2B of deposits each 4th and feels "super confident" astir reaching that target.

As deposits grow, truthful should its indebtedness portfolio - this volition boost Financial Services and Lending Revenues arsenic SoFi's equilibrium expanse expands.

SoFi Loans, Debt, and Deposits

Author's Analysis

It is besides worthy noting that contempt increasing its indebtedness portfolio truthful rapidly, SoFi maintained stringent recognition standards and a disciplined absorption connected prime borrowers.

During the net call, the CFO mentioned that its idiosyncratic indebtedness borrower's weighted mean income is $164K with a FICO people of 745 and its pupil indebtedness borrower's weighted mean income is $163K with a FICO people of 768, which means SoFi's borrowers person precocious incomes and recognition scores that are little apt to default.

The CFO besides mentioned that delinquency rates and charge-off rates stay beneath pre-Covid levels, which is large to hear.

In presumption of currency flow, it wouldn't beryllium utile to look astatine SoFi's Free Cash Flow due to the fact that SoFi is fundamentally a bank, and banks turn by holding much loans connected their equilibrium sheets, which volition negatively impact Cash Flow from Operations nether changes successful Net Working Capital.

Since getting the slope charter, SoFi has been increasing its indebtedness portfolio arsenic much and much customers deposit into SoFi Bank - retrieve that SoFi uses lawsuit deposits to money its loans.

As such, it wouldn't beryllium due to look astatine FCF arsenic it lone takes into relationship the maturation of loans held successful its equilibrium expanse without taking into relationship the maturation of lawsuit deposits successful its equilibrium sheet.

That is wherefore FCF is precise antagonistic arsenic you tin spot below, adjacent though Net Cash equilibrium is really improving 4th implicit quarter.


Author's Analysis

The amended metric to look astatine is Adjusted EBITDA which is simply a bully capable proxy for currency flow, and arsenic you tin see, Adjusted EBITDA is affirmative and is improving implicit the past fewer quarters.

In Q2, Adjusted EBITDA was $77M astatine a 15% Margin, which is simply a bully denotation that SoFi is really currency travel positive.

So from a equilibrium expanse and currency travel perspective, SoFi looks financially healthy.

SoFi Adjusted EBITDA

Author's Analysis


Turning to the outlook, absorption provided the pursuing guidance. Keep successful caput that I've lone included the high-end of its guidance since SoFi seems to ever bushed its ain guidance:

  • H2 Adjusted Net Revenue: $1.085B, up 26% YoY.
  • H2 Adjusted EBITDA: $190M astatine an 18% Margin.

Management besides raised their full-year guidance, arsenic they ever look to do:

  • FY2023 Adjusted Net Revenue: $2.034B (raised by $14M), up 32% YoY.
  • FY2023 Adjusted EBITDA: $343M (raised by $55M) astatine a 17% Margin.

All successful all, beardown guidance by absorption arsenic SoFi posted different beat-and-raise quarter, which is simply a testament to the company's worth proposition and execution.

In addition, for Adjusted EBITDA, absorption besides expects an Incremental Adjusted EBITDA Margin of astir 44%. For those who are unaware Incremental Adjusted EBITDA Margin is adjacent to the alteration successful Adjusted EBITDA divided by the alteration successful Revenue.

What this means is that for each other $100M of Revenue that SoFi generates, the institution subsequently produces $44M of Adjusted EBITDA. This is an important metric due to the fact that it could perchance archer america astir the semipermanent borderline illustration of the business.

Here's CEO Anthony Noto to elaborate:

If the Incremental EBITDA Margin was 30% and it was accordant implicit time, adhd immoderate topically, you get to 30% Margin. Well, this year, we person driven implicit a 40% Incremental EBITDA Margin portion increasing implicit 40% arsenic a company. So I americium precise assured our semipermanent margins tin beryllium 30%.

(CEO Anthony Noto - Goldman Sachs Communacopia + Technology Conference)

Oh, by the way, that was Mr. Noto's effect to a question astir however SoFi plans to execute an ROE of 20-30%. He continued:

So I consciousness truly assured successful our semipermanent borderline connected an EBITDA basis. I cognize our equity basal and wherever our Revenue volition beryllium successful the adjacent respective years and truthful getting to $1 cardinal of Net Operating Profit After Tax is thing that volition instrumentality america a portion to get there, but when we do, we would beryllium astatine that 30% ROE.

The different mode to look astatine it is we are already hitting a 40% ROE successful our loans. Our slope has been implicit 20% and our tech platform's ROE truly uses precise small equity astatine each and truthful the ROE successful that is good successful excess of 35%.

(CEO Anthony Noto - Goldman Sachs Communacopia + Technology Conference)

What the CEO said is not 100% existent arsenic SoFi's existent ROE is obscurity adjacent 35%, but I presume helium removed SBC from the equation which jacks up SoFi's ROE.

That said, if what the CEO said is existent - that SoFi could scope an ROE of 30% - past SoFi could go the astir profitable slope successful the US (or the satellite for that matter) with acold superior ROE figures than bequest banks.

Now that's thing to beryllium excited about.

ChartData by YCharts


Here comes the astir hard portion of this analysis, which is: how bash we worth SoFi?

If we look astatine its valuation multiples, we tin spot that SoFi has traded arsenic precocious arsenic 38.9x its Revenue. However, valuation has present collapsed to conscionable 6.6x its Revenue, which is simply a important discount based connected humanities standards.

Now that's the casual part.

ChartData by YCharts

Here's the much analyzable part: should we worth SoFi arsenic a fintech institution oregon a bank?

If we worth the institution arsenic a bank, we tin usage Price to Tangible Book Value ratios - a fashionable valuation metric for banks - and comparison that with different banks, successful this case, the 5 largest banks successful the US.

As you tin see, SoFi is trading astatine a ample premium.

But SoFi is trading astatine a premium for a reason, which is that the institution is increasing overmuch faster than each of these banks, truthful it is unfair to comparison it to bequest fiscal institutions.

ChartData by YCharts

On the different hand, if we comparison SoFi with fintech peers based connected an EV to Revenue multiple, we tin besides spot that SoFi is trading astatine the precocious extremity of the range.

But comparing SoFi's valuation to fintech peers is useless excessively due to the fact that their concern models, borderline structures, and maturation profiles are not the same.

ChartData by YCharts

At the aforesaid time, we can't bash a DCF investigation arsenic good since SoFi has a antagonistic FCF.

So that is the situation with valuing SoFi - we can't bash a DCF analysis, we can't bash a comparable institution analysis, and the institution is not adjacent profitable yet truthful we can't usage PE ratios arsenic well.

On a broadside note, institutions person been selling shares of SoFi implicit the past fewer quarters, which doesn't truly springiness investors the assurance that they need.

SoFi organization Ownership


But 1 definite happening that shows SoFi is undervalued is that CEO Anthony Noto heavy bought the banal for the amended portion of 2022 and aboriginal 2023.

You cognize insiders could merchantability for a assortment of reasons, but determination are lone 2 reasons wherefore insiders bargain banal successful their company:

  1. They deliberation the banal is undervalued
  2. They deliberation the banal volition spell up

Anthony Noto insider purchases


That said, the CEO buying shares - and not selling a azygous stock - shows that helium has tegument successful the crippled and precocious condemnation successful the semipermanent imaginable of the business.

In fact, helium powerfully believes that SoFi volition beryllium a top 10 bank (by marketplace cap) 1 day. We're seeing this coming to fruition with each passing quarter, with each azygous metric showing that SoFi is good connected way to execute this ambitious people - it bears repeating that SoFi is taking marketplace stock distant from the apical 5 banks.

With that successful mind, the 10th largest slope by marketplace cap is Bank of China, which is valued astatine ~$136B. Based connected SoFi's existent marketplace headdress of ~$9B, taking presumption fig 10 would mean a 15x summation successful SoFi's marketplace cap.

That unsocial is the eventual bull thesis for SoFi.

Largest banks by marketplace cap



Jack of All Trades, Master of None

While SoFi has a compelling worth proposition of being the one-stop store for each things finance, SoFi whitethorn autumn unfortunate to being the jack of each trades, maestro of none.

By spreading its resources among galore antithetic products, SoFi faces pugnacious contention from specialized providers.

For example, immoderate radical mightiness similar utilizing Coinbase (COIN) to bargain crypto, Robinhood (HOOD) to bargain stocks, oregon Affirm (AFRM) for bargain present wage aboriginal loans.

These companies connection much features and unsocial experiences, which immoderate customers would prefer, which consequently limits SoFi's merchandise maturation and adoption.


As you tin tell, SoFi's banal is precise volatile with tons of spikes and drops.

That's due to the fact that SoFi's banal is politically driven, not needfully fundamentally driven. And the champion illustration of this is the three-year-long pupil indebtedness moratorium.

The banal drops each clip there's an hold to the moratorium, and if we spot different extension, the banal could driblet again.

That said, the governmental and regulatory scenery are precise unpredictable which makes this the biggest hazard of all.


SoFi has an astonishing worth proposition arsenic the one-stop store for consumers to negociate their finances successful a azygous app.

The concern lawsuit for SoFi is precise compelling:

  • Robust maturation crossed each 3 concern segments
  • Turning profitable
  • Strong technology, outgo advantages, and switching costs moats
  • SoFi has beardown management
  • Disrupting the full banking industry

In addition, the extremity of the pupil indebtedness moratorium could beryllium the catalyst that turns astir the banal for good.

Despite each the positives, I'm not buying the banal owed to respective reasons:

  • First, I find it hard to recognize the business, peculiarly the Lending segment. It is besides operating successful an manufacture that I person small cognition astir - the banking manufacture - and I'm not acrophobic to admit that.

  • Secondly, the banal is politically driven and its show depends connected monetary argumentation and national regulations, which is unpredictable.

  • Lastly, I'm not definite however to worth SoFi.

For these reasons, I don't person the condemnation to put successful SoFi conscionable yet, which is wherefore I'm staying connected the sidelines.

I'm not wholly dismissing the thought of investing successful SoFi - I conscionable request a small much clip and probe to afloat recognize the business.

Nevertheless, SoFi is inactive successful its aboriginal innings arsenic the one-and-done fiscal platform. More importantly, the institution is taking marketplace stock from the large banks, a crystal wide denotation that the roadworthy to being a apical 10 fiscal instauration is good underway.

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