Solana [SOL] lets the dog out; Is this a winning chapter in making?

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  • BONK-powered bullish rally took Solana retired of negativity.
  • SOL saw a leap successful DeFi activity, portion NFT volumes dipped.

Dog-themed token Bonk [BONK] gave the Solana [SOL] assemblage much reasons to observe arsenic it announced the enactment of BonkDAO connected 14 January. The squad down BONK looked to capitalize connected the buzz arsenic it became the archetypal memecoin successful the SOL ecosystem.

The archetypal measurement has been taken successful the enactment of BonkDAO. This volition enactment BONK to usage successful increasing the ecosystem.

We’re blessed to denote we've gathered a radical of respected Solana assemblage members crossed DeFi, 1/1 Art, and NFT projects to signifier the archetypal BonkDAO Council.

— Bonk! (@bonk_inu) January 13, 2023

In its one-pager, BONK stated that they wished to displacement the absorption distant from ‘toxic Alameda tokenomics’, which plagued Solana passim the second fractional of 2022. And boy, they didn’t disappoint!

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Solana starts a caller rally?

As per CoinMarketCap, SOL soared by 40% astatine property clip to commercialized astatine $23.48, its highest terms successful implicit 2 months. The bullish momentum looked acceptable to propulsion the terms to pre-FTX levels. 

This was successful crisp opposition to SOL’s downward spiral aft the FTX debacle, during which it dropped beneath $10, its worst show successful 2 years. The web got a batch of atrocious property due to the fact that of its links with disgraced FTX laminitis Sam Bankman-Fried, which contributed to the antagonistic sentiment.

The dense lifting undoubtedly has been done by BONK, which has caught the attraction of memecoin enthusiasts. Consequently, BONK’s market capitalization deed implicit $60 million astatine property time.

According to data from Dune Analytics, the fig of users has exploded since the opening of the twelvemonth with much than 100k cumulative BONK wallets recorded astatine property time. 

Source: Dune Analytics

DeFi enactment picks up

BONK’s impetus led to a leap successful SOL’s Defi activity. As per information from DefiLlama, the fig of protocols connected the Solana concatenation increased by 13% implicit the erstwhile day, adjacent much than different networks similar Ethereum [ETH] and Tron [TRX]. The full worth locked (TVL) connected the web besides changeable up by 11%. 

Source: DefiLlama

However, SOL’s NFT commercialized measurement tapered down, which went against the trajectory of price, per information from Santiment. After hitting $1.21 cardinal connected 12 January, it halved connected the adjacent time and progressively reduced until property time. The societal dominance exhibited the aforesaid behavior. 

Source: Santiment

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However, SOL investors whitethorn privation to enactment this short-term dip down their backs and stake connected BONK’s popularity successful the coming days. Anyway, memecoins person a past of cashing connected the perceived popularity among assemblage members.

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