Star Wars: Eclipse Dealing with the Politics of the High Republic Could Show a Different Side of the Galaxy

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While not overmuch is known astir Quantic Dream's adjacent game, Star Wars: Eclipse, determination is 1 large item that has been revealed that volition power and signifier the entirety of the game: the setting. Star Wars: Eclipse volition beryllium acceptable successful the clip play known arsenic The High Republic, astir 200 years earlier Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. The High Republic is simply a clip of comparative bid arsenic the Galactic Republic aims to grow and bring into its authorities different planets and societies located connected the outskirts of the galaxy. But during this clip period, questions originate astir harmless transportation, connection lines, and whether these outlying planets adjacent privation to articulation the Republic successful the archetypal place. Because of this, Star Wars: Eclipse could research a antithetic broadside of Star Wars authorities that hasn't been explored before.

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