Streamer Dislocates Knee Playing Call Of Duty

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Gif: Twitch

Have you ever caused yourself immoderate genuine, carnal harm portion playing a video game? My thumb tore unfastened aft playing Gran Turismo endurance races for a week backmost successful 1998, and I erstwhile kicked a array doing immoderate kung fu crap for an EyeToy game. That’s astir it. I person never, dissimilar this mediocre guy, done thing requiring superior aesculapian intervention.

We’re astir to meet Danny. Danny is successful the Navy, presently stationed connected Okinawa, and successful his downtime Danny likes to play video games and sometimes watercourse them connected the internet. That’s each precise mean and expected, but we’re gathering Danny contiguous not for what helium usually does, but for the freak mishap that took spot precocious portion helium was playing immoderate Call of Duty.

As you’re astir to see, Danny is getting adjacent the extremity of a CoD match successful this clip and gets a small excited. He gets to his feet, jumps up and down a bit, arches his backmost and past just...eats shit. Collapses, similar 1 of those donkey toys wherever you property the fastener and their limbs autumn down.

Two things here. Firstly, I’m atrocious Danny, but arsenic a long-time enjoyer of the “dudes getting wounded existent bad” genre of carnal comedy, this is—within video crippled circles, astatine least—an all-timer. It’s similar a modern recreation of Will Ferrell’s “I’m Very Badly Hurt” spot from Austin Powers, lone with a Call of Duty twist:

Thirty seconds in, I americium concerned. Sixty seconds in, I americium laughing. By “I gotta halt the stream, I’m truthful sorry,” I’m done.

Secondly, and much importantly, arsenic with immoderate bully “dudes getting hurt” videos, I tin lone laughter due to the fact that Danny is OK!

Get good soon dude.

Source Kotaku