Tassat ® Group Appoints Zain Saidin as Chief Operating Officer

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Saidin brings implicit 3 decades of exertion operations acquisition to Tassat

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tassat Group Inc., the starring supplier of real-time integer payments solutions for commercialized banks and their firm clients, contiguous announced the assignment of Zain Saidin arsenic Chief Operating Officer.

Saidin is simply a exertion operations veteran, bringing implicit 30 years of exertion integration, and strategical concern improvement to Tassat. Prior to joining Tassat, Saidin served arsenic the Chief Engineer and an Executive Vice President astatine KLA Corporation (NYSE:KLAC), a starring instrumentality and services institution successful the semiconductor industry. He was liable for aggregate P&Ls, manufacturing and production, and company-wide merchandise beingness rhythm and engineering endowment development. Saidin besides holds 15 patents successful centrifugal control, servo auto-focus, representation investigation algorithms & systems, and airy and electron optics, related explicitly to semiconductor inspection & metrology superior equipment.

“I’ve spent my vocation bringing caller technologies and products to marketplace and processing multidisciplinary organizations, that tin bash truthful reliably and repeatedly. I’m delighted to articulation Tassat and the heavy seat of technologists and experts who are astatine the forefront of innovating successful the payments manufacture and creating first-of-its-kind solutions for the emerging integer economy,” said Zain Saidin, Chief Operating Officer of Tassat.

Saidin’s assignment comes astatine a clip of accelerated maturation for Tassat, arsenic the company’s flagship product, TassatPay® precocious announced a milestone of exceeding $1 trillion successful real-time B2B payments. In January alone, TassatPay processed implicit $150 cardinal successful transactions, signaling the request for the merchandise and the measurement astatine which Tassat’s slope partners are leveraging the service.

“Zain’s heavy expertise successful exertion and merchandise management, coupled with his concern improvement background, makes him a earthy acceptable for Tassat,” said Kevin R. Greene, Chairman and CEO of Tassat. “His summation to the squad volition beryllium pivotal arsenic we proceed expanding our products and services crossed the fiscal services landscape.”

To date, Western Alliance Bank (NYSE: WAL), Signature Bank (NASDAQ: SBNY), Customers Bank (NYSE: CUBI), Axos Bank (NYSE: AX), Byline Bank (NYSE: BY), and Cogent Bank person partnered with TassatPay. With its slope partners, Tassat has developed much than 20 usage cases, including logistics, owe warehousing, commercialized construction, backstage equity superior calls, arsenic good arsenic broader moving superior applications for a bank’s firm clients. The results person created beardown firm banking relationships, accrued deposits, and opportunities to supply different profitable fiscal services.

In summation to TassatPay, Tassat launched The Digital Interbank Network successful October 2022, the world’s archetypal backstage permissioned blockchain-based payments web that operates wholly wrong the U.S. regulatory framework. The Network is composed of FDIC-insured banks transacting real-time payments and performing different banking services betwixt their firm clients via a backstage permissioned blockchain.

About Tassat Group

Tassat Group Inc. is simply a N.Y.-based exertion institution that is the starring supplier of backstage blockchain-based, real-time solutions for commercialized banks including TassatPay, which enables banks to supply their firm clients with instantaneous, secure, real-time payments 24/7/365. TassatPay has go the astir trusted blockchain-based level for the banking manufacture and its B2B clients with much than $1 trillion successful secure, real-time transactions to date. Tassat has added Smart Contracts and Fedwire functionality to marque TassatPay a one-stop store for B2B Payments. Tassat was honored with a 2021 Google Cloud Customer Award for innovation successful fiscal services. For much information, sojourn america astatine www.tassat.com, connected Twitter oregon connected LinkedIn.


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