Tech Setbacks: Elon Musk's Twitter To Mark Zuckerberg's Meta, What Left Us Dumbstruck In 2022

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Technology has made accelerated advancements but astatine times, determination person been large failures arsenic well. The twelvemonth 2022 was nary exception, with galore companies, radical and technologies suffering setbacks.

What Happened: From malfunctioning astute devices to overpriced flops, 2022 had its stock of tech failures! Some gadgets and tech services failed to unrecorded up to the hype portion others were conscionable plain ridiculous — determination was nary shortage of disappointments successful the tech satellite this year. 

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Here’s our database of a fewer of the large tech fails successful 2022: 

1. Google Stadia 

Google Stadia launched successful 2019, intending to revolutionize gaming by allowing players to entree games from immoderate instrumentality without downloads oregon installs. However, it rapidly became wide that the work did not conscionable the hype. By December 2022, Google Stadia was considered 1 of the biggest tech failures successful caller history. In October 2022, Google announced it would shut down the work and refund each users for hardware, content and add-on purchases. 

2. Apple iPhone 14 High-End Models

Issues disrupted iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max accumulation astatine Foxconn's works successful China, wherever violent protests implicit wage erupted owed to a outgo strategy error. As this works employs a ample fig of radical and is simply a large manufacturing tract for the iPhone 14 Pro series, the phones person largely been unavailable worldwide successful 2022. 

Apple has acknowledged the contented and stated that they expect little shipments of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max than initially anticipated. Customers whitethorn acquisition longer hold times to person their orders.

3. Mark Zuckerberg's Metaverse 

Facebook's rebranding to "Meta" and pivot to the "Metaverse" successful 2022 was met with criticism. Its Horizon Worlds platform, which allows users to interact successful a 3D virtual abstraction and play games, failed to pull the expected 500,000 monthly users, with interior memos revealing that adjacent its employees were uninterested successful utilizing it. 

As Meta's concern successful the metaverse level did not output the expected results and coincided with a diminution successful advertisement gross owed to a anemic planetary economy, investors pressured CEO Mark Zuckerberg to trim investments successful the division. In November, Meta's Reality Labs metaverse part reported a loss of $9.4 cardinal successful the archetypal 3 quarters of 2022.

4. Apple iPad 10th Generation

The 10th-generation entry-level iPad from Apple received disapproval for its plan and features. While it features a caller plan akin to the iPad Air and a faster A14 Bionic chipset, it is incompatible with the 1st procreation Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard. Instead, users indispensable acquisition an adapter for the Apple Pencil and the Magic Keyboard Folio, a caller keyboard accessory exclusive to this model. 

Additionally, the 10th-generation iPad is much costly than its predecessor, starting astatine $449, and the keyboard accessory costs an further $249. These factors person led to the iPad being perceived arsenic frustrating and underwhelming.

5. Elon Musk's Chaotic Twitter Takeover

Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter successful 2022 was a tumultuous journey, starting with him becoming the company's largest shareholder successful April and yet making an connection to bargain the institution for $44 cardinal successful July. 

After ineligible play and chaos, helium completed the takeover successful October, firing apical executives and laying disconnected astir fractional of the planetary workforce. 

Since then, the level has been important changes, including the introduction of paid bluish checkmarks and the restoration of antecedently banned accounts, causing wide adverse reactions. 

A caller Twitter canvass adjacent recovered that astir 58% of participants believed Musk should resign arsenic CEO, to which helium responded that helium would resign arsenic soon arsenic helium recovered someone "foolish enough" to instrumentality the role.

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