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The New Hire

The New Hire - S1E2: Landing A Dream Job And Calling It Quits

25 Dec 2022 10:00pm

Four individuals with disabilities effort to onshore the occupation of their dreams… and enactment successful it. But aft landing a imagination job, 1 of them shockingly calls it quits.

About the Show

Host Grace Lee-Khoo is the laminitis of a performing arts societal endeavor successful Singapore which works with artists with disabilities. Having had immoderate occurrence successful creating an inclusive workplace successful the theatre arts, she looking to assistance others beyond the stage. 

She embarks connected a travel with 4 individuals with disabilities arsenic they flooded their ain fears arsenic good arsenic real-world hurdles that basal betwixt them and their imagination jobs. The challenges they look raises aggregate questions. How acold should an inclusive nine spell towards accommodating a disablement successful a workplace? Should employers beryllium fixed assistance to physique an inclusive workplace? And what benignant of assistance bash individuals with disabilities truly privation successful their pursuit of a occupation that would prolong them arsenic good arsenic springiness them meaning and purpose? 

Source Channelnewsasia