The risk of escalation from cyberattacks has never been greater

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In 2022, an American dressed successful his pajamas took down North Korea’s Internet from his surviving room. Fortunately, determination was nary reprisal against the United States. But Kim Jong Un and his generals indispensable person weighed retaliation and asked themselves whether the alleged autarkic hacker was a beforehand for a planned and authoritative American attack.

In 2023, the satellite mightiness not get truthful lucky. There volition astir surely beryllium a large cyberattack. It could unopen down Taiwan’s airports and trains, paralyze British subject computers, oregon plaything a US election. This is terrifying, due to the fact that each clip this happens, determination is simply a tiny hazard that the aggrieved broadside volition respond aggressively, possibly astatine the incorrect party, and (worst of all) adjacent if it carries the hazard of atomic escalation.

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Source Arstechnica