Top 10 Stories About Enterprise Threat Management in 2022

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ITPro Today’s most-read articles astir menace absorption covered ransomware prevention, cybersecurity training, mobile security, and emerging risks.

IT professionals this twelvemonth sought guidance connected however to place ransomware attacks and hole vulnerabilities successful their systems and software. In ITPro Today’s most-read articles astir menace management, we examined however cybersecurity approaches are adapting to caller categories of threats.

Review our apical 10 articles astir menace absorption for tips, champion practices, and penetration into trends.

1. Fake Windows Updates Trick Users Into Installing Ransomware

ITPro Today contributor Brien Posey reported connected ransomware that spreads via fake Windows updates. This nonfiction explains what to look retired for and champion practices for protecting users.

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2. Accelerometer Data and Its Security Implications

Accelerometers, which observe question successful smartphones, tin uncover a astonishing magnitude of information astir users’ behavior. Learn however accelerometer information tin beryllium creatively exploited and could yet beryllium utilized to amended security.  

3. How to Spot the Warning Signs of Ransomware Attacks

If you look for it, you tin often observe the aboriginal signs of a ransomware onslaught successful progress. This nonfiction outlines the indicators of some an automated oregon human-operated ransomware infection.

4. Why Providers Are Retooling Cybersecurity Awareness Training

ITPro Today contributor Karen D. Schwartz reported connected wherefore accepted cybersecurity grooming methods are failing. New methods have emerged that halfway connected a amended knowing of quality risk.

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5. How To Prevent Software Vulnerabilities successful Commercial Applications

Software vendors can’t beryllium afloat entrusted to destruct vulnerabilities successful their products. As a result, organizations indispensable instrumentality up further information measures successful lawsuit their vendors driblet the ball.

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6. 5 Types of Cybersecurity Skills That IT Engineers Need

As the menace scenery becomes progressively complex, it’s much important than ever that IT engineers recognize cybersecurity. This explainer describes the tools, skills, and knowledge IT engineers should have. 

7. 6 Mobile Security Tips for Hybrid Workforces

Security breaches connected smartphones airs a important menace to organizations successful each industries. These six tips purpose to assistance organizations rethink their mobile information strategies. 

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8. 70 Percent of Breached Passwords Still successful Use

SpyCloud's 2022 Identity Exposure Report raised the alarm astir the fig of compromised passwords that stay successful use. The findings highlighted mediocre password hygiene and the request for amended practices and idiosyncratic behavior. 

9. Secure Open Source Software Is Helping Enterprises Find Their Edge

The usage of unfastened root bundle has some empowered organizations and near them susceptible to bundle threats. Find retired what the Open Source Security Foundation is doing to marque unfastened root secure.

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10. Key Application Security Metrics Show Few Signs of Improvement

Organizations are dilatory to respond to information vulnerabilities, according to a NTT Application Security report released successful February. This nonfiction from ITPro Today’s sister tract Dark Reading details the causes for this concerning trend.

What are your 2023 predictions for endeavor menace management? Share your predictions successful the comments below!

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