Top 10 Stories About Microsoft Windows in 2022

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Our most-read articles astir Windows successful 2022 walked readers done a plethora of installation, navigation, troubleshooting, security, and absorption processes. Whether you’re caller to Windows oregon an adept looking to hone your skills, the database of articles beneath is apt to supply invaluable tips.

Explore this year’s apical 10 nonfiction astir Microsoft Windows.

1. How To Create Ubuntu Virtual Machines the Easy Way

Tech adept Brien Posey guides readers done the elemental process of mounting up Ubuntu on Windows 10 desktops.

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2. How to Use PowerShell to Navigate the Windows Folder Structure

PowerShell is Microsoft’s almighty absorption instrumentality and scripting situation built for Windows. In this nonfiction for beginners, we explicate PowerShell commands for traversing Windows folder structures.

3. PowerShell Disk Management: How to Initialize, Partition a Disk

In this video, Brien Posey walks viewers done the PowerShell process of initializing a disk connected a Windows 10 system. 

4. How to Fix Windows 11 SSD Problem Using PowerShell

What tin you bash if Windows 11 doesn’t admit the SSD installed connected your system? Learn however PowerShell tin hole this issue. 

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5. Microsoft Build 2022: Nadella’s Top Announcements

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella showcased respective updates involving cloud, data, and AI astatine Microsoft Build 2022. ITPro Today Contributor Romi Mahajan reported connected the astir important announcements at the yearly event.

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6. Microsoft Details New Security Features for Windows 11

Microsoft successful April unveiled Windows 11 features that purpose to simplify information and assistance defender against threats specified arsenic malware, credential theft, and phishing.

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7. Windows 11 Security: How To Set up Dynamic Lock

Dynamic Lock is simply a Windows information diagnostic that connects to a user’s smartphone via Bluetooth and locks their PC erstwhile they permission its proximity. 

8. How to Repair Corruption successful the Windows Operating System

Storage corruption tin beryllium addressed utilizing tools included successful the Windows operating system. 

9. Windows 11 Migration Guide: 4 Best Practices When Upgrading

This downloadable study provides tips for moving organizations to Windows 11 and however to debar communal migration hiccups.

Windows 11 migration process tips

Microsoft typically recommends that organizations instrumentality a three-tiered attack to Windows 11 migrations

10. Troubleshooting Tips for When Windows 10 Won’t Update

While Windows updates are integral to maintaining security, Windows 10 occasionally fails to admit the request for caller updates. Read these troubleshooting tips if you brushwood update problems.

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