Tronox Holdings: Undervalued Amid Cyclical Downturn

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With Tronox Holdings (NYSE:TROX) providing a well-diversified and vertically integrated concern exemplary during a cyclical downturn, the concern seems to beryllium successful a just presumption amid economical headwinds. With a leading marque successful the Ti02 segment, an undervalued cyclical institution astatine a P/E GAAP TTM of 4.97, and an manufacture maturation complaint of 6% CAGR until 2028, I complaint TROX banal arsenic clasp arsenic I judge the institution volition beryllium capable to partially offset this cyclical downturn and outperform its peers owed to its caller hazard navigation plan.

Business Overview

Tronox Holdings mines and processes titanium ore, and zircon and produces TiONA and TiKON titanium dioxide pigment, specialty-grade CristalACTiV products made of titanium dioxide, and high-purity titanium compounds. The company's products are designed to amended paint, plastic, and insubstantial quality. Tronox Holdings has had coagulated maturation implicit the past fewer years, with a marketplace capitalization of $2.32 billion, ROIC of 16.56%, a 52-week precocious of $21.65, and a debased of $11.09, a terms of $15.76 presenting a large discount. Tronox besides pays a unchangeable dividend of $0.50/share which is 3.18% with a steadfast payout ratio of 25.51% giving country and extortion for a cyclical decline. The institution has besides been actively repurchasing shares which is precise beneficial, particularly during cyclical lows erstwhile the banal is precise cheap.

Tronox Holdings show successful the past year

Tronox Holdings 1Y Performance (Seeking Alpha)

Tronox Income Statement Annual

Tronox Holdings Previous Growth (Trading View)

With disappointing Q4 2022 net amid a cyclical downturn arsenic Ti02 volumes dropped, Tronox had implemented a coagulated strategy to offset this measurement decrease. The institution reported an adjusted diluted nonaccomplishment was $-0.17 per share, revenues down from $884 cardinal successful Q4 2021 to $649 cardinal successful Q4 2022 marking a YOY diminution of 27%, merchandise income declining, and a nett income diminution of 116%. Some affirmative results from the study see the projections for EBITDA to retrieve successful the upcoming 2023 quarters, and the flight of operational challenges specified arsenic gathering a caller roadworthy to their flooded Atlas Campaspe task to statesman transporting dense metallic concentrate.

Tronox Q4 fiscal results

Q4 2022 Results (Tronox Investor Relations)

Tronox's Adaptation to Market Headwinds volition Offset Volume Declines

Due to the pugnacious marketplace conditions, and the anemic Q4 2022 net outlined above, Tronox has created a program to marque a turnaround and combat the cyclical downturn effects. This inaugural displayed beneath includes lowering costs, managing moving capital, and reducing their CapEx arsenic displayed below. I judge that this program volition beryllium capable to amended support the company's valuation arsenic it stands and volition support Tronox's marketplace stock successful the agelong term. The institution besides displays coagulated available liquidity totaling $608 cardinal with $164 cardinal successful currency oregon currency equivalents and a fair indebtedness level that volition assistance Tronox successful navigating pugnacious conditions specified arsenic now.

Tronox's enactment against downturn

Plan to Navigate Economic Headwinds (Investor Presentation)

With Tronox mentioning that the trough has been reached for Ti02 volumes which accounts for 78% of their revenues, a instrumentality to caller profitability could beryllium precise imaginable successful the adjacent future. Tronox's existent strategy compliments this inclination due to the fact that though their actions to navigate the cyclical downturn are much defensive, they tin easy displacement backmost into their maturation strategy and person ample escaped currency travel to embark connected caller avenues.

Tronox's Navigation Strategy tin Further Fund Energy Independence Projects and volition make Future Margin Expansion

Tronox has been investing heavy into vigor independency with companies specified arsenic SOLA radical successful South Africa to supply 200 MW of star powerfulness to Tronox’s mines and smelters. With vigor sources specified arsenic lipid having precocious costs recently, impacting each businesses' profitability owed to proscription and operational costs, Tronox volition beryllium capable to stabilize these factors by being autarkic connected a decentralized root of vigor which volition output a affirmative instrumentality connected concern successful the semipermanent arsenic it is expected to beryllium implemented by Q1 2024. With cost-cutting actions being implemented, short-term results whitethorn not beryllium evident but, cutting discretionary costs and managing moving superior volition heighten operating efficiencies leaving much country successful the aboriginal for CapEx.

Tronox Sustainability Performance

Tronox Sustainability Recap (Investor Presentation)

Analyst Consensus

With 8 analysts standing Tronox a buy, oregon beardown buy, and 3 standing the banal clasp oregon lower, I judge that the institution holds a anticipation of important upsides and downsides depending upon Ti02 aboriginal volumes. With an upside of 14.79% and a terms people of 18.09, analysts admit Tronox's ample country for enlargement successful the adjacent future.

Tronox Analyst Consensus

Tronox Analyst Consensus (Trading View)


Before calculating my DCF model, I calculated Tronox's Cost of Equity which is 9.2% utilizing the Capital Asset Pricing Model factoring successful a risk-free complaint of 3.95% arsenic shown below.

Tronox Cost of Equity Calculation

Tronox Cost of Equity (Created by Author Using Alpha Spread)

Assuming the Cost of Equity of 9.2% from above, I calculated Tronox's WACC to beryllium 6.75% which is nether the industry mean of 12.27% arsenic displayed below.

Tronox WACC Calculation

Tronox WACC Calculation (Created by Author Using Alpha Spread)

After completing a Firm DCF exemplary via FCFF, I person determined that Tronox is presently undervalued by 17% based upon a just worth of ~$19.29. To get astatine this value, I utilized a discount complaint of 8% implicit a 5-year period. In presumption of gross assumptions, I estimated high-single-digit maturation aft 2023, with maturation plateauing to mid-single digits successful aboriginal years arsenic the institution becomes larger and much challenging to scale. The crushed wherefore I utilized a discount complaint of 8% alternatively than 6.75% (their WACC)

Tronox DCF Model for 5 Years

Tronox DCF (Created by Author Using Alpha Spread)

Tronox Capital Structure

Tronox Capital Structure (Created by Author Using Alpha Spread)


Company Employees During Inflationary and Cost-Cutting Times

The labour national representing Tronox's employees holds a ascendant presumption successful the chemicals and petrochemicals industry. During the yearly corporate bargaining negotiations, wage increases, including those for minimum wages, are typically based connected the ostentation rate. As unit expenses, which see payroll taxes and societal security charges, represent a important information of the company's costs, immoderate wage summation exceeding the ostentation complaint could perchance harm the business, particularly during a clip erstwhile outgo savings are captious to success. Therefore, it is important for Tronox to see the interaction of specified wage increases connected its fiscal performance.

Currency Exchange Rates Changes

Changes successful currency speech rates, peculiarly the devaluation of the Brazilian Real, tin pb to accrued costs of earthy materials quoted successful US dollars. This tin besides impact the expenses associated with roadworthy transport and larboard logistics, thereby impeding Tronox's quality to vie with exports from different countries, specified arsenic China. In summation to these challenges, the precocious taxation load successful Brazil, coupled with the bureaucratic attack of the taxation authority, rising transaction costs, and the expenses related to complying with authoritative biology standards required to get biology licenses, each lend to the accumulation costs and yet person a antagonistic interaction connected Tronox's earnings.

Cyclical Shifts

Cyclical shifts successful the terms of titanium dioxide arsenic mentioned successful my thesis would effect successful banal underperformance and a diminution successful profits owed to a alteration successful pricing, profits and pricing power. This hazard is besides accompanied by the debased escaped currency travel Tronox has owed to their precocious CapEx to execute further vertical integration and sustainability which airs a short-term hazard owed to a decreased information nett successful recessionary times.


In conclusion, I presumption Tronox Holdings arsenic a Hold arsenic it is simply a starring institution that has a beardown program to combat cyclical downturns, and is undervalued presenting ample upsides. With the banal yielding a beardown dividend and predominant buybacks and large sales, Tronox is simply a semipermanent clasp that whitethorn airs a bargain lawsuit successful the adjacent future.

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