Trump Faces Possible Gag Order Over Controversial Attack On Gen. Mark Milley

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Special Counsel Jack Smith has initiated a question to curtail former President Donald Trump's nationalist comments regarding retired General Mark Milley.

What Happened: On Friday, Smith presented his question successful the District Court for the District of Columbia, aiming to enforce a restricted gag bid connected the erstwhile president.

The action was prompted by a connection from Trump connected his Truth Social platform. In a post, Trump asserted that Milley, who antecedently held the seat of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, had committed an enactment of treason.

He further hinted that specified actions historically resulted successful execution. 

It's worthy noting that Milley is simply a important witnesser successful a D.C. transgression case, wherever Trump is indicted for purported efforts to overturn the 2020 statesmanlike predetermination results.

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"On September 22, connected Truth Social, the suspect falsely claimed that the retiring Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a witnesser cited successful the indictment, had committed treason and suggested that helium should beryllium executed," the question states, arsenic reported by the Mediaite. 

The question besides draws attraction to different lawsuit wherever Trump pointed fingers astatine Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, accusing him of hiding fraudulent votes.

Assistant Special Counsel Molly Gaston emphasized successful the papers that Trump's nationalist remarks targeting known witnesses are unwarranted.

The legal enactment by Smith comes connected the heels of a determination by Judge Tanya Chutkan. She precocious declined a plea from Trump's attorneys who sought her removal from the national predetermination interference case, citing comments she made during the sentencing of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot participants.

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