Turning your car into a Like a Dragon video game itasha can now get you paid and clothed

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Kiryu connected board.

Though they ever had their fans, aboriginal games successful the Like a Dragon/Yakuza bid were much oregon little sleeper hits. It’s not until the past fewer years that the franchise’s popularity has truly taken off, which means determination are a batch of caller fans who haven’t played the older titles.

Of course, that means steadfast Sega tin merchandise remasters of the aged games, with the astir caller being Like a Dragon: Ishin, a spruced up mentation of the 2014 crippled of the aforesaid sanction for the existent PlayStation and Xbox console families. For caller fans who missed retired connected it the archetypal clip around, the remastered Ishin volition beryllium their archetypal accidental to spot honorable gangster Kazuma Kiryu recast arsenic real-life progressive samurai Sakamoto Ryoma successful the last days of Japan’s samurai-era Edo play government. And to truly assistance get the connection out, there’s a peculiar run going connected asking drivers to crook their cars into Like a Dragon itasha.

The run is being offered done Cheer Drive, a Tokyo-based institution that rewards drivers for putting advertisement artwork connected their cars. The “Cheer” portion of the sanction comes from the thought of cheering for someone/something, and truthful Cheer Drive’s campaigns often absorption connected anime, video games, sports teams, and different fan-oriented endeavors.

For the Like a Dragon: Ishin campaign, you lone request to place 1 sticker connected your car, positioned crossed the rear window, similar the 1 for Kiryu/Ryoma pictured here.

But portion Like a Dragon leans heavy connected the charisma of its starring man, who appears connected the near fractional of each the imaginable stickers, different members of the formed look connected the close side, and you tin take which 1 you privation to enactment connected your car.

▼ Always-popular country stealer Majima being formed arsenic Okita Soji makes his sticker a tempting choice, but see this: the sticker for Ryuji Goda/Saigo Takamori has a doggie!

If you’re reasoning slapping a portion of video crippled quality creation crossed your rear model is going to ruin your quality to spot what’s down you erstwhile you’re connected the road, interest not. Thanks to the sticker’s special see-through material, it hardly blocks the presumption from wrong (though Cheer Drive says visibility is further hampered connected rainy days). It’s besides designed to beryllium easy removed without leaving scratches oregon discoloration erstwhile the run is over.

Cheer Drive rewards drivers with points, based connected region driven during the run period, which tin past beryllium converted into wealth that’s deposited into your slope account. As an other incentive, participants who thrust implicit 300 kilometers 186.4 miles) during the campaign, volition person a Like a Dragon: Ishin T-shirt, with 4 designs to take from.

The run announcement mentions a “participation fee” for the run of 5,000 yen (US$37), truthful the run truly is aimed astatine car owners who are readying to bash immoderate existent driving. With the run lasting from March 10 to May 31, though, it seems similar there’s plentifulness of clip for anyone with a regular commute oregon immoderate agelong play drives planned to travel retired ahead, and applications tin beryllium made betwixt present and April 30 utilizing the Cheer Drive mobile app.

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Source: Cheer Drive via Otakomu
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