Ukrainian Devs Remind Us Life Is Still Hell As Russian Missiles Strike Cities

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It feels similar everlastingly since the warfare successful Ukraine began, but it hasn’t adjacent been a year; Russian tanks rolled crossed the borderline successful February, conscionable 10 months ago. Yet what was erstwhile header quality has present blurred into the inheritance for astir of us, a struggle that for the remainder of the satellite is present simmering 3 scrolls down the beforehand leafage of a quality website.

For the tens of millions of radical inactive straight affected by the war, though, small has changed! Ukrainians are inactive nether siege, their lands inactive invaded, their equipped forces inactive locked successful a conflict against a federation that wrong surviving representation was inactive considered a superpower.

And portion the past fewer months person seen Ukraine summation the precocious manus connected the frontlines, Putin’s increasing desperation has besides led to a power successful tactics. With swift battlefield gains present a happening of the past, Russia has begun attacking Ukrainian cities with drones and missiles, hoping to not lone sound retired the nation’s fragile powerfulness web (world leaders pledged astir $500 cardinal conscionable this week to assistance support the lights on) but besides inflict panic connected the civilian population.

Amidst each this, Ukranians are inactive trying to unrecorded their lives. Including Frogwares, the developers champion known for their enactment connected the Sherlock Holmes bid of games. We’ve written astir their concern before, first for a miraculous Switch merchandise fixed the circumstances, past for some much-needed assistance “relocating employees to safer areas”.

Today, the squad person shared a fig of images and stories connected Twitter showing what the warfare looks similar successful December 2022 for those who don’t person luxury of ignoring it connected the news. I’m sharing them below, but if you’d alternatively spot them arsenic the HellSite intended, you tin find the thread here.

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