Urban Meyer, ‘dumpster fire.’ Why the former Ohio State, Jacksonville Jaguars coach is being roasted on Twitter

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  • Published: Jan. 08, 2023, 5:00 a.m.

Jaguars caput manager Urban Meyer

Was Urban Meyer truly the worst NFL manager of each time? Social media seems to deliberation so. (AP Photo/Emilee Chinn)AP

Urban Meyer, dumpster fire.

That was 1 adjective utilized to picture the erstwhile Ohio State caput manager connected Twitter Saturday night, but determination were plentifulness much aft the Jacksonville Jaguars knocked disconnected the Tennessee Titans to clench the AFC South and a playoff berth.

It marked a singular turnaround, the squad is present 9-8, successful Doug Pederson’s archetypal play arsenic coach. This was besides the benignant of happening that was imagined by Jaguars proprietor Shad Khan a play agone erstwhile helium lured Meyer to the NFL to manager the team.

The matrimony lasted 13 tumultuous games earlier the squad — 2-11 astatine the clip — sent Meyer packing. The determination to terminate him past December came connected the aforesaid time that erstwhile Jaguars kicker Josh Lambo said successful a study that Meyer kicked him during a signifier successful August.

Meyer besides made nationalist headlines past September when, alternatively of flying backmost with the Jaguars pursuing a Thursday nighttime nonaccomplishment to Cincinnati, helium stayed down successful Ohio and was caught connected camera successful a Columbus barroom acting inappropriately with a pistillate who was not his wife.

The information that the Jaguars were truthful atrocious with Meyer arsenic coach, but person turned it astir truthful drastically — backmost Trevor Lawrence is looking similar the peculiar subordinate folks believed helium could beryllium erstwhile the Jags took him archetypal wide anterior to past play — successful the archetypal twelvemonth nether Pederson, the Eagles erstwhile Super Bowl winning coach, was not mislaid connected fans.

It, seemingly wasn’t mislaid connected the players Saturday, either.

ESPN reported Jeremy Fowler tweeted that receiver Marvin Jones was asked astir the conception that the Jaguars were breached aft past twelvemonth with Meyer.

“I deliberation 1 idiosyncratic was broken,” Fowler said Jones said. “It wasn’t us.”

And the fans were relentless successful going aft Meyer connected societal media.

“Good to cognize the quality betwixt Urban Meyer and a competent manager is AT LEAST 8 wins and a playoff berth,” one instrumentality tweeted.

The instrumentality who called him a “dumpster fire,” really called him “a gag (and) a dumpster fire,” and wrote, “Proof that immoderate NCAA coaches are precise overrated. If they can’t exploit assemblage players for escaped labor, galore of these guys person nary hint what to do.”

Here are a fewer much instrumentality takes connected Meyer pursuing Jacksonville’s large win:

Meyer was, successful the sentiment of most, a beauteous bully assemblage shot coach. Was helium truly the worst to ever bash it successful the league, though?

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