US Citizens Lost Over $10 Billion To Indian Fraudsters This Year: Report

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US citizens mislaid much than $10 cardinal to phishing gangs and fraudsters operating from India successful 2022.

A bulk of these victims were recovered to beryllium elderly, who were duped of implicit $3 cardinal successful the past 2 years, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) information shows, reported The Times of India. 

Fraudsters moving amerciable telephone centres successful India person been targeting radical based successful the US, particularly elder citizens, connected the pretext of providing method enactment oregon different assistance.

Americans mislaid $10.2 cardinal done the Internet oregon telephone centre-related fraud successful conscionable the past 11 months.

This indicates a leap of 47 per cent arsenic compared to the past year, erstwhile the full wealth mislaid was enactment astatine $6.9 billion, the study added.

Earlier this month, Delhi Police officials informed that they had arrested 3 men moving amerciable telephone centres in the superior and defrauding US elder citizens by promising them method enactment for the "malfunctioning" of their systems.

While 3 accused were caught successful Delhi aft overnight raids, 1 of their accomplices was caught by Canadian Law Enforcement Agency successful Toronto and the different from New Jersey, US, by the FBI.

The constabulary informed that arsenic per the accusation shared by the US, implicit 20,000 victims fell prey to specified scams causing a gross nonaccomplishment of $10 cardinal to America betwixt 2012 and 2020.

Given this emergence successful frauds originating from India, the FBI deputed a imperishable typical astatine the US Embassy successful New Delhi.

With this, the FBI aims to curb specified crimes by moving with the CBI, Interpol, and the Delhi Police, the TOI study said.

The authoritative attached with the US embassy successful Delhi, Suhel Daud, was quoted arsenic saying by TOI that romance-related frauds led to a nonaccomplishment of astir Rs 8,000 crore to victims successful 2021 and Rs 8,000 crore successful the past 11 months of this twelvemonth arsenic per frauds reported connected FBI's website.

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