WATCH: Electric car catches fire in Bengaluru’s JP Nagar, video goes viral

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In a shocking incidental connected Saturday, an electrical car caught occurrence successful Bengaluru’s JP Nagar. An electrical car caught occurrence successful the mediate of the roadworthy erstwhile the car reached the Dalmia Circle successful JP Nagar. No casualties person been reported owed to the occurrence and the crushed down the blaze is yet to beryllium ascertained.  

A video of the car going up successful flames has gone viral connected X formerly known arsenic Twitter. “Bengaluru: An electrical car caught occurrence adjacent Dalmia Circle successful JP Nagar country today. No casualties. Reason is yet to beryllium ascertained,” a idiosyncratic wrote portion sharing the video connected X.  

This, however, is not the lone incidental erstwhile an electrical car caught occurrence successful India. In April this year, a Tata Nexon EV caught occurrence successful Pune. No rider was wounded owed to the incident. The Nexon XZ+ exemplary was progressive successful the incident. As per authorities data, the car was registered successful July 2022.  

According to a institution statement, the occurrence occurred owed to the replacement of the archetypal headlamp astatine an unauthorised workshop. “We recognize that this conveyance precocious underwent repairs, wherein the near headlamps were replaced astatine an unauthorised workshop,” the connection read.  

In June past year, a akin incidental happened erstwhile a Tata Nexon EV caught occurrence adjacent the Panchvati Hotel successful Vasai West. No casualties were reported owed to this incidental and the crushed down the occurrence remained unknown.  

Later, Tata Motors issued a connection regarding the incidental and said that it was conducting a elaborate probe regarding the incident. “A elaborate probe is presently being conducted to ascertain the facts of the caller isolated thermal incidental that is doing the rounds connected societal media. We volition stock a elaborate effect aft our implicit investigation,” the connection read.  

But wherefore bash electrical vehicles drawback fire? Battery packs wrong EVs store a batch of vigor successful a precise tiny space. When damaged, an interior abbreviated circuit triggers a concatenation absorption known arsenic thermal runaway. Following this, the artillery battalion generates much vigor than it tin dissipate and catches fire. 

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