Whistleblower faces backlash at Pims for exposing infectious material sale

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ISLAMABAD: An enquiry committee acceptable up by the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) to probe the merchantability of infectious worldly extracurricular the infirmary has failed to marque its study nationalist contempt the transition of a two-day deadline whereas the authoritative who blew the whistle connected this unsafe concern is facing the wrath of the admin.

Meanwhile, the National Assembly’s Standing Committee connected National Health Services besides took announcement of the merchantability of infectious discarded by the Pims employees and the vendor alternatively of disposing of it successful the incinerator.

It is worthy mentioning that connected February 27, a vendor hired by the Pims medication to incinerate aesculapian discarded connected the infirmary premises was recovered progressive successful the merchantability of the infectious material, specified arsenic discarded syringes and humor bags, successful cahoots with infirmary employees.

Subsequently, Pims Executive Director Dr Naeem Malik had established a three-member fact-finding committee, headed by Prof of General Surgery Dr S.H. Waqar with absorption to taxable a study successful 48 hours and besides wrote a missive to the Islamabad IG for an FIR successful the case.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif besides took announcement of the merchantability of the infectious discarded and directed an autarkic enquiry – to beryllium submitted wrong 2 days – alternatively of an interior inquiry.

Whistleblower threatened

On the different hand, an enquiry committee summoned the whistleblower and warned him of terrible consequences for exposing the risky business.

A elder official, requesting not to beryllium named, told Dawn that the enquiry committee had summoned the whistleblower and asked wherefore did helium pass the constabulary astir the signifier and shared the grounds with the media.

“The whistleblower was besides told that helium whitethorn suffer his occupation arsenic helium was not authorised to stock immoderate grounds with the media,” helium said. In response, the whistleblower apprised the committee that successful 2018, a akin incidental had occurred but it was swept nether the carpet purportedly by the management, the authoritative said, quoting the whistleblower. This clip helium called the constabulary and shared the grounds with the media, the whistleblower was quoted arsenic saying.

According to the official, the management, successful the exertion sent to the IGP, has pinned the blasted connected a sanitary idiosyncratic of the infirmary for the merchantability of infectious waste.

Pims Spokesperson Dr Haider Abbasi told Dawn said that helium was not alert if immoderate committee subordinate had threatened the whistleblower. When asked astir the report, which had to beryllium finalised wrong 48 hours, helium said that helium had contacted the committee caput Dr Waqar who informed him that the study could instrumentality a time much to finalise.

Published successful Dawn, March 3rd, 2023

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